Cash Advance & Instant Pay

Embed Ivy in your platform and put cash in the pockets of your gig workers when they need it the most.

IvyCard App

Gig workers have a liquidity problem

< $500in emergency savings
$29Bin overdraft and late fees
84%of workers interested in cash advance

Launch a cash advance program in two weeks

We offer turnkey cash advance programs that integrate seamlessly into your website or app with a few lines of code. We take care of all the overhead, like risk management, compliance, underwriting, funding, operations and support.

  • Fully white labeled
  • Very little code
  • Works with all devices
  • 24/7 support
import { WebView } from 'react-native-webview'
export default function CashAdvances() {
  return (
       source={{ uri: '' }}

React Native example

Fully customizable API

Or build a fully custom program on our API

Build directly on Ivy’s API to optimize your program for maximum revenue or excellent gig worker experience.

  • Custom fee structures
  • Multiple funding types
  • Control over underwriting
  • Modern developer API